Wedding Party Bus

Enjoy a perfect wedding reception in one of our Party Buses!


A wedding is an event that happens only once in a lifetime. You will want the perfect everything, the perfect dress or suit, the perfect friends and other essentials. But how you arrive to your wedding or how you leave is all that matters, you can choose to arrive in a small car or arrive stylishly in a party bus. Most people take their appearance very serious during their wedding day and forget to make proper arrangements for their party bus ride.

Your wedding is one of the most significant events in the lives of everyone. As time goes by, your wedding night will give you the best memory about being an adult. Along with the flowers, the venue, the dress, and your bride or groom. Renting a party bus is a key element in creating an even better memory on your wedding night. Therefore, it is very important that your wedding be memorable, fun and safe as it can be.


Most people often wonder how they can rent the best wedding party bus for your big day. Have you heard about S and T’s Party Bus Houston? While you may be a good and responsible driver, they are many other reasons why you will prefer renting a party bus from S and T’s Party Bus Huston on your wedding night here in Houston. The buses at S and T’s Party Bus rental company have enough seats to contain you and your bridesmaids, groomsmen,friends, and family. This way, you can have a little party while on your way to the main venue.

Hiring an experienced party bus driver from a trusted party bus rental company in Houston will give you the peace of mind during your wedding day. Of course, all we care more about having fun at the wedding. And having a professional party bus driver from S and T’s Party bus Huston who will drive you on a party bus will guarantee that by letting you party in style and class while on your way to your big day.

All the party buses at the rental company are well equipped with modern accessories that rival what you will find at the wedding venue. The buses at S and T’s Party Bus Houston features a nightclub-style sound system with a fine TV, they also feature incredible lasers, dancing room and even beautiful lighting. Most importantly, renting a party bus for your wedding will give you an opportunity to spend some quality time with your friends before getting to the actual venue.

Renting a party bus from S and T’s Party Bus Houston will give you a wonderful experience on your wedding reception,you will feel completely relaxed knowing that you are in safe hands. There’s no better party bus company you can find in Houston that will give you a professional driver at an affordable price. Why not leave your wedding transportation at the hands of S and T’s Party Bus Houston and get to your wedding in style.