Homecoming Party Bus

Its Homecoming time do you have your party bus reserved?


Homecoming may have already come and gone, but it is never too late to start making plans for next year. And since the bell of your school will ring again in no time, it will only to best to start planning ahead of time in order to get the best homecoming dance experience. This plans may often include making arrangements for a party bus. Parents in Houston who are too busy to drive their children themselves to their homecoming dance party can always rent a party bus to convey their kids thro and fro the event.

Well, if you are in Houston and you have been looking for a way to make a grand entrance to your homecoming dance, then S and T’s Party Bus Houston is the best party bus company you can think of. With all the luxurious features that comes with the buses at S and T’s Party Bus Houston, you are sure of having a great experience on your homecoming.

Having a great homecoming experience can be made possible when your hire the services of a reliable party bus company that has professional drivers and operate at an affordable price. This way, you can spend a little amount of money and still appear in style and luxury, it’s a win – win. Here are some other advantages you get from S and T’s Party Bus Houston.


Yes, It is absolutely true. A homecoming dance event that is done by a group of friends is a whole lot more exciting and safer. A Party Bus for a special homecoming dance event is a win-win for parents, students, and schools.

S and T’s Party Bus Houston provide a safe and stylish way for all students to fully enjoy their homecoming dance from the pictures, to march, dinner, the official dance, the after party, and finally getting a safe ride back home. Parents deserve to know that their kids are fully safe and are in professional hands.

On the other hand, the students also need to get the best experience from their homecoming dance, and a party bus will give them that.


Unlike other random party bus companies in Houston, S and T’s Party Bus Houston carefully select their drivers, making sure that only experienced and professional drivers will drive you to your homecoming dance and drive you back home.

The drivers at S and T’s Party Bus Houston have many years of experience and also have a good knowledge of all the Houston road rules and regulations, they always arrive at your doorstep on time and are very friendly and responsible.


The buses at S and T’s Party Bus Houston are all well decorated and have many seats to accommodate so many people. This is a great way to spend some good time with your friends even before getting to the venue. You will also get to enjoy the beautiful lights and great sound systems with your friends while journeying to the main venue.