Birthday Party Bus

Whether it is your birthday party or your close friend birthday, a party bus will allow all the guests to safely arrive at the party venue. There are also a lot of exciting activities which can be done while on your way inside the bus too – from fun conversation to dance party to singing a glorious birthday song together. No matter the gender, the age, or the group of friends, renting a party bus for a birthday party will give an unforgettable, yet very affordable birthday experience.

Although they are a lot of party bus rental companies in Houston to choose from, you should always choose a reliable party bus rental company that has professional drivers and offer its services at an affordable price. That’s where S and T’s Party Bus Houston comes in. If you want to celebrate your birthday party in a unique and classic manner, then S and T’s Party Bus Houston is the best party bus rental company to choose from here in Houston.

Don’t worry about the service charge, you are sure to rent a bus at a very affordable price and have a professional party bus driver who will drive you and your friends to your birthday venue. However, that is not all you will get when you rent a party bus from S and T’s Party Bus Houston, there are many other benefits you will get from this deal. Below are more benefits you can get.


If you plan on partying to the fullest on your birthday, then you wouldn’t want to go through the trouble of driving yourself back home after all the drinks and fun. Although driving yourself home after a party is sometimes the best option, but during your birthday it is not an option. That’s where S and T’s Party Bus Houston come into the picture.

Renting a party bus will guarantee your safe trip back home after the birthday celebration. This will help you avoid the risks that are involved with driving yourself home or allowing a drunk friend to drive you back home. Instead of taking these risks, you will have a professional bus driver who will drive you and your friends back home. You can have a little after party in the bus while on your way back home.


When you are throwing a birthday party, inviting your friends and loved ones over is inevitable. With this said, it will be difficult to move to many venues or go bar hopping when you have many guests. Luckily, with S and T’s Party Bus Houston, you and your entire guests can have fun on one vehicle and visit as many destinations as you want.

The buses at S and T’s Party Bus Houston are big enough to contain up to 34 passengers. This way, you and your guests can have as much fun without going through the stress of thinking how to get home safe. S and T’s Party Bus Houston can transport you and your friends on a party bus anywhere around the Houston area.

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