Is the drivers tip included?

Your hourly rate includes the rental price, service fee, and a minimum 10% gratuity for the driver. Customary is 15-20 %. We do encourage that you tip additionally based on the service.

Am I allowed to cancel the reservation after I book it?

Once you have made the reservation, the deposit or any money that has been put down towards your party bus rental is nonrefundable or transferable to a new date. The reason for this is because we are holding this date, time and bus for you and will have missed other opportunities to book it. Thank you for understanding.

Can I smoke on the bus?

In an effort to keep our buses clean and in top condition for all customers, we have adopted a strict no smoking policy that we do enforce. Please respect your friends and our other customers by refraining from lighting up. If we smell marijuana, or if we see you rolling up we will immediately terminate your trip and you will not receive a refund.

Do you provide us with any alcohol?

We do not have a license to provide you with alcohol. You will have to bring your own alcohol.